From the depths of the house.

The roots of our restaurant extend to the building and our name all the way back to Oulu of the 19th century. In 1882, after the fire of Oulu, Hugo Alexander Neuman, who had already made a name for himself as an architect, designed new buildings for the city, including our beautiful stone building at Rantakatu 4. Hugo, the son of a sea captain, had his roots in Oulu too: he was born here.


Our kitchen has the strengths of youthful passion and the wisdom of experience: the age difference between the youngest and oldest cook is 20 years. You can experience their cooperation yourself in our experience, Dinner in the Kitchen. In his free time, our restaurateur, Tommi, spends time with his three sons: he drives them to their hobbies, which he also funds and encourages them to do. Our chef-de-cuisine, Matti, gets from A to B on his great-uncle’s vintage bike. He also spends time with his daughter Fanni and at his hospitality studies.


On the left is Juha, the Evening Host, who takes care of dissertation parties, serving in the Hugo dining room and aquariums, which has he acquired more of than he has shoes. In the centre is Laura, the bedrock of our service, who has come back to Hugo after our studies, to the delight of our clients. Laura spends her free time with her little girl, Petra. On the right is our cyclist headwaiter Hannu, who is passionate about wine, food and all kinds of bikes.


When you contact our sales team, you will talk to Satu, the multi-skilled professional who runs our restaurant’s sales and marketing. She joined us in 2006 and has spend brief stints elsewhere. In her free time, Satu sings in a choir, does traditional cross-country skiing and trains in the gym. She cycles to work, which is quite typical for us in Oulu.