Wine, friends and good food.

Hugo is a relaxed, rough-and-ready wine bar and restaurant where the wine has pride of place. In the kitchen, local ingredients fuse with tastes from around the world. Make Hugo your living room, a place to meet friends and the highlight of your weekend. The moment you raise your glasses to celebrate something special or just the great mood around the table.

Rantakatu 4, 90100 Oulu

Call us at +358 20 143 2200 or fill in the form to book a table.

Cooking and love.

Cooking and love are the forces that create new things. We experiment, play around, goof off and surprise you. We let the ingredients inspire us. Our menus live a fast-changing, courageous life. Today it’s venison, tomorrow fish, cranberry and a tangy lemon kiss.

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The time of wine.

Enjoy a vivacious white, a full-bodied red or even an exuberant rosé. Our extensive, nuanced wine list will take you on a journey around the world, to the roots of the stories and to green, vine-covered slopes. We serve small savoury bites to accompany wine.



Enjoy good food – and the hectic mood, culinary creativity and unique humour of the kitchen. A dinner in the kitchen is literally a dinner for you and your friends in the front row of cooking. It’s a delicious experience hosted by the kitchen staff.

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Your event.

A meeting, a seminar, a graduation party, a birthday – tell us more! There are many options for your event, from the Loft spaces to little Hugo and the Cellar, the home of the wines. You’ll enjoy our superb service wherever you choose to be our guest.

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”This restaurant is a new adventure for us, with our guests as the stars. When we were planning our new location, we were guided by both experience and a thirst for experimenting with something new. The address is an old, familiar one to a lot of people, as is the name. We’ve retained our excellent service in moving to our new location. Come and enjoy good food, or just good wines.”

Tommi Tuhkanen, restaurateur